Stories Celebrity Corey Mylchreest Is He Gay? Fact or Fiction? Who is His Girlfriend?

Who is Corey Mylchreest?

English actor Corey Mylchreest, who was born on May 8, 1998, has been making waves in the entertainment sector since his debut. Corey is a well-known actor with outstanding talent, the reason behind his exceptional acting skills is that he earned his degree from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) in 2020, where he sharpened himself for a bright future in the acting industry. Corey began his journey with a Bachelor of Arts in acting on his name and soon found himself in the public eye.

Corey Mylchreest Is He Gay Or Not? Fact or Fiction?

Corey Mylchreest's sexual orientation has been one of the topics of celebrity rumors that have been brought up the most. While his fans and admirers have made assumptions about his inclinations, Corey has largely kept this element of his life private. As of right now, neither Corey Mylchreest nor his sexuality has been discussed in public. 

Since sexual orientation is such a very personal affair, it is crucial to handle this subject with tact. As good human beings, we should all respect Corey's decision to keep this aspect of his life private.

Who is Corey Mylchreest’s Girlfriend?

In the midst of questions about his sexuality, Corey Mylchreest has occasionally hinted at his romantic relationship. During the Los Angeles premiere of "Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story," Corey indirectly alluded to his girlfriend. In an interview with Extra on the red carpet, he shared that upon landing the role, he binge-watched "Bridgerton" with his girlfriend. He made the decision not to reveal his partner's identity, And that should be totally okay.

We all know love for "Bridgerton" Fans have been curious about Corey's lucky girlfriend because of the secrecy surrounding their relationship. And Bridgerton's fans have that affection for the "Bridgerton" series could mean a shared passion, which gives the duo a hint of romance. In the growing spotlight on his life, Corey still tries to maintain a feeling of normalcy, this shows us and also we should learn how to be down to earth even after getting all fame and love.

So what’s the Truth?

During a red-carpet interview with Extra, Corey was asked if he had watched Bridgerton prior to landing the role of King George. "As soon as I got the job, I was like, 'All right, I gotta binge this thing,'" he said, "I sat down with my girlfriend and we did the whole shebang." Well, he opted to shield the identity of this special person from the public gaze.

Corey was questioned about how he felt when he learned that he had been cast as King George III in the Netflix series during an interview with Hits Radio. He started by saying, "I was at my girlfriend's place," and continued, "I got the call at midnight since it was a decision that had been taken in LA, so it was on LA time, and I was already asleep and I didn't want to wake up [my girlfriend's] housemate. 

"So I was in a robe in the corridor and I remember being like, 'These things go either way, don't feel sorry for me, don't pity me, I don't want any of that, it's probably not going to work out'. And then I came back like 'Oh my god I don't know what's just happened'." The 25-year-old actor continued: “She said: 'You've got to do something to celebrate', and the only place was the local snooker club so we went and played snooker and that's how we celebrated.”

Why this weird rumor started?

Yes, you read that right. Mylchreest and Dennis are very close off-screen, to the point where they now live with each other after building a close bond on set. Their bromance chemistry is also evident on their Instagram accounts, as the two besties tend to share photos with and/or of each other.

“I would probably go, Sam [Clemmett], I mean Sam would be a valuable ally, maybe [India], maybe my advisor in the show, Freddie Dennis, who I now live with, having not known him before. Who are we kidding, it’s Freddie.”

You did read that correctly. Off-screen, Mylchreest and Dennis are close enough to live together after developing a strong friendship on set. The two besties frequently post pictures of and/or of each other on their Instagram profiles, which further highlights their bromance chemistry.

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